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Think differently – and opt for price competitive, alternative provisions without compromising on quality

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Commodity markets are highly characterized by inflation and volatility, causing significantly high prices on provisions. In Wrist, we now take a new step towards mitigating price increases, offering alternative provisions at a lower price without compromising on nutritious value, rich taste nor product quality. We call it Think differently.

Think differently is about offering our customers alternative quality provisions to reduce provision costs.

15 substitute items to save provision costs without compromising on quality

Beef tenderloin > Cube roll
Cod > Pollock
Spareribs > Riblets
Bottled water > Water purifier
Pure Honey > Blended honey
IWP/IQF chicken > Block frozen chicken
Juice > Nectar
Branded snack nuts > Non-branded snack nuts
Branded cereal > Non-branded cereal
Branded ketchup > Non-branded ketchup
Branded chips > Non-branded chips
Branded instant coffee > Non-branded instant coffee
Branded canned tuna > Non-branded canned tuna
Branded cookies > Non-branded cookies
Branded chocolate spread > Non-branded chocolate spread

Alternative product offerings

We now actively propose quality food substitutes within our Global Assortment to help reduce our customers’ provision budget while still maintaining our well-known global, uniform product quality.

Perhaps more important than any ingredient utilized in a good, delicious, and nutritious meal is the trust between the galley cook and the chief purchaser. That’s why we propose just a few, simple food substitutes and budget swaps that will diversify the meals on board and reduce cost without interfering with the galley cook’s well-planned recipes and menus.

Take a new step together with us and think differently …

- To still keep the plates delicious
- To still stick to a healthy diet
- To still have time for a break
- To still keep the plates full
- To still have a festive meal
- To still stay well hydrated

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