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Our services

Wrist stocks just about everything, and delivers just about everywhere in the world. For our customers it really is just a question of when you want your provisions and stores delivered.

Our logistics expertise is a core element of our competitive edge, and provides us with the foundation to serve every vessel, platform or military operation based on a thorough understanding of your individual needs - encapsulated in our mission:

Expert care - making our customers' life at sea better

Let our Owners Goods Warehouse System handle your goods in close cooperation with our own forwarder Wrist Marine Logistics and optimize your budget control and "health at sea" with the Wrist-XENA catering software program.


 Freight Forwarding

 Handling Owners Goods



We are continuously looking for innovative ways of working and improving our global key account program. We strive to add value and develop close partnerships with our customer bases across the world, and especially as we continue to expand into different regions. Ship supply demands effective management by specialist providers with technology that can ensure transparency around budgets and planning control."