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Our services

Wrist stocks just about everything, and delivers just about everywhere in the world. For our customers it really is just a question of when you want your provisions and stores delivered.

Our logistics expertise is a core element of our competitive edge, and provides us with the foundation to serve every vessel, platform or military operation based on a thorough understanding of your individual needs - encapsulated in our mission:

Expert care - making our customers' life at sea better

In the following section, you can read about our range of services:


Wrist is your one-stop-resource for all your stores and provisions. We provide anything from a specific brand of coffee to a vital ball bearing for the machine room. While we stock a wide range of products, we can further arrange to stock special items if regularly requested.

Learn more about our general supply here

Freight Forwarding

Wrist Marine Logistics provides a world-leading logistics service, which includes spares forwarding of a large variety of products and project freight. Your shipment will be packed, arranged and closely monitored during the entire transportation from manufacturer or  warehouse to its final destination.

Learn more about our Freight Forwarding here

Owners’ Goods

Our Ship Owners' Goods system combines all aspects of storage and transport, including collection, repair and re-delivery of ship spares at competitive prices worldwide. In addition, we are able to source an impressive range of spare parts, which can be coordinated to be delivered along with provision. 

Learn more about our handling of Owners Goods here

Digital Solutions

At Wrist, we offer a range of digital services which include: 

Main Storing Tool

An online planning tool for optimizing of the entire supply chain to produce overall cost transparency and coordination. The Main Storing Tool shows all the activity related to the specific vessel, including spares handling and freight forwarding. This solution is specifically for our Bundled Services customers. If you need to know more please contact one of our Key Account Managers here

Stores Catalogue

Our global assortment is available as a digital catalogue. The same product quality at competitive local prices. Find what you are looking for > submit an RFQ > receive a quote!

You can find our E-catalogue here


We are your full service provider – A single point of contact to cover you worldwide.


For further details on our services, search through our publications for the solution  to fulfill your specific need.

Find our publications here.