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Montreal expands their Last mile services with new sufferance warehouse, to clear and deliver ship spares on board more efficiently

Wrist in Montreal has just opened a new sufferance warehouse which allows them to – quickly and efficiently – clear customer ship spares and consolidate with provisions and stores in one single operation. In expanding the customs clearance services, Montreal meets the increasing need for Last mile services to ease the delivery process of provisions and stores together with customers’ ship spares.

For many years, Wrist in Montreal has been clearing customers’ ship spares through customs brokers. But, due to an increasing demand for speeding up the clearance process and consolidating more deliveries of provisions, stores and ship spares, they have now implemented their own sufferance warehouse to move ship spares more efficiently themselves.

Reed Waldenmaier, Branch Manager in Montreal says: “Our customers want reliable, consolidated services at a good price. Instead of using a separate supplier for ship spares and then using Wrist for provisions and stores and having two trucks going to the vessel, we can now more efficiently consolidate ship spares, provisions and stores and only send one truck, reducing CO2 emissions. This is also easier for the crew to coordinate and take just one delivery on board opposed to two suppliers coming at two different times”.

Last mile services:

• Consolidate the delivery of provisions, stores, bonded, owners’ goods and clearance
• Take just one combined delivery
• Speed up delivery process
• Reduce CO2 emissions

Last mile services
Wrist’s global 30+ hubs offer different kinds of Last mile services combining provisions, stores, bonded, and owners’ goods to reduce cost and add efficiency to our customers’ value chain. The concept of sufferance warehousing for ship spares is an integrated part of our Last mile services and now expanding to more hubs. So far, we have sufferance warehouses in Aalborg – Denmark, Rotterdam, Montreal, and Vancouver, though we still have the ability to clear spares in all locations.

Do you want to learn more? Reach out to Reed Waldenmaier directly at or cell phone +1 514 234 3109, or contact your local Wrist branch.