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Time to be aware

We want to make it easier for our customers to be more environmentally aware in a traditional industry. Thus, we launched aware - our co-brand for a range of products aiming to offer our customers more responsible alternatives to the conventional products used in our industry.

The aware products are:

Eco-friendly solutions and services
Quality products in cooperation with recognized trademarks
A product line that meets the increasing need for reducing our carbon footprint and other environmental hazards in the maritime industry

Step by step, we add more products to our aware product range, such as the carton water options, the Water Purifier, LED tubes etc.

When is a product aware?

The product must be either:

Climate Smart, meaning that production, distribution or usage is proven optimized, thus reducing the climate impact
Recyclable, meaning that the packing or materials are labeled recyclable
Renewable, meaning that the product itself or the packing come from certified renewable resources
Fresh inside, meaning that it must be safe quality foods that are less processed, healthy, nutritious, or partially/fully organic

You can learn much more about Aware and our Aware products on: