Wrist Acceleration Program

Are you looking for a graduate program, where the only limits to your learning experience are your own capabilities and desires to learn and evolve?

Wrist Acceleration Program

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The Wrist Acceleration Program is an intensive 2-year journey, where we offer you the best possible framework for growth, advancement and development of your business persona and skills.

The program focuses on your professional development through key learning activities with the goal of grooming and preparing you for a global career within our organization. You will run into countless opportunities to demonstrate your strengths and improve your developing areas, through the best combination of “on the job”-training and classroom learning. Additionally, we will assign a senior executive to be your personal mentor, who will help ensure you have all the support you need to succeed – the rest is up to you! 

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Wrist Acceleration Program

What is the coolest thing about being part of the Wrist Acceleration Program?

As part of the WAP, you will be based in a branch for a two-year period, however there is plenty of opportunity to travel – with four modules based in Denmark throughout the program. You will also be given projects to work on within your global graduate team, which means working across several time zones to deliver key projects that are set by the company’s top management. Alongside the global exposure, I found that during my time at Strachans, I have been exposed to the day-to-day running of a great business but also supported personally by a senior team who helped me settle in a new country. Working for the Wrist Group truly provides a global experience with a local touch.

Which expectations did you have for the Program – and have they been met?

I expected a lot to be demanded of me, throughout the two years on the program. From day one, I was set targets and projects by my Managing Director. I spend 70% of my time ‘on the job’, learning about procurement, operations or sales. The other 30% is spent on direct projects I have been set, for example working with change management. I have responsibility in how I manage my time, but ultimately, I am expected to deliver on my objectives, which are discussed in quarterly appraisals. I was attracted to the WAP, because I believed it would push me, educate me, and give me the best start in a business career – however, you must be prepared to work very hard for this.

What does it take to become a success in the Wrist Acceleration program for graduates?

The best advice I could give a graduate applying for the program, is to be hungry, show initiative, but stay humble. You will be given responsibility from an early stage, and work in an environment which offers plenty of potential, if you show initiative and work smart – ‘delivering the goods’. However, it is imperative that as future managers you handle this opportunity and success with grace and humility. Always work hard, and never be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. If you are successful in joining the program, be prepared to want to ‘win’ from day one, but win in the right way.