Wrist Acceleration Program

Are you looking for a graduate program, where the only limits to your learning experience are your own capabilities and desires to learn and evolve?

An intensive 2-year graduate program, where we offer you the best possible framework for growth, advancement and development of your business persona and skills.

The Wrist Acceleration Program focuses on your professional development through key learning activities with the goal of preparing you for a global career within the wider Wrist Ship Supply organization. You will run into countless opportunities to demonstrate your strengths and improve your developing areas, through the best combination of “on the job”-training and classroom learning. Additionally, we will assign a senior executive to be your personal mentor, who will help ensure you have all the support you need to succeed – the rest is up to you! 

Are you ready to join a modern ship chandler, who is the undisputed leader of its industry with unparalleled global footprint and scale?



A graduate program with many international career opportunities

Hear what our Group CEO has to say about the Wrist Acceleration Program:

"... Chances are that your peers in the program will all be of different nationalities, thus promising an exciting learning process going through the many aspects of the program over the 2 years. You will from the very first day be part of an entirely global team, giving you international career opportunities - should you wish this. Come help a great and ambitious team fulfill its purpose."



Hear it from our graduates 



What was the best thing about being part of the Wrist Acceleration Program?

If you dream about an exciting, rewarding, and meaningful career in a global business, Wrist Acceleration Program is the place to start. I enjoyed being a part of a company with such a global footprint, where I had the possibilities to get international experience, a steep learning curve with career acceleration focus, and a strong cross-functional network with my peers. Everyday, there were new exiting opportunities where I got to develop my skills and knowledge base. For me, it is extremely significant to be part of a business, where my thoughts and inputs are heard and that is what I experienced - and still experience - within Wrist. All doors were always open for me, and all my colleagues were engaged to help and share their experience, which I found very important. Today, I work as Global Tender Manager in . 

- Sabine Smedegaard, Global Tender Manager



Which expectations did you have for the Program – and were they met?
I expected a lot to be demanded of me, throughout the two years on the program. From day one, I was set targets and projects by my Managing Director. I spent 70% of my time ‘on the job’, learning about procurement, operations or sales. The other 30% was spent on direct projects I had been set, for example working with change management. I had responsibility in how I managed my time, but ultimately, I was expected to deliver on my objectives, which were discussed in quarterly appraisals. I was attracted to the graduate program, because I believed it would push me, educate me, and give me the best start in a business career – however, you must be prepared to work very hard for this.

- Sean Boylan, Key Account Manager



How have you benefitted from the relations with your mentor from the executive team?
Having a mentor that I could reach out to was always a grateful thing for me. My mentor was - and still is - a great source of knowledge who helped me understand the business. What I have benefitted from is his support. There was a time I was eager to find a specific area to focus on. I wondered whether it should be procurement, sales, warehousing, or other functionalities. I was trying to find a way while I had limited or no experience that enabled me to work it out. In a talk with my mentor, he shared his own experience and let me know I didn't have to rush to something. It takes time to find what you are really interested in and what you can make your own contribution.

- Hannah Chen, Global Procurement Analyst