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Digital solutions

Wrist offers a range of digital tools, providing more transparency, efficiency and security for our customers.

Transaction Convenience 

Get easy, fast and automated transactions!

We constantly aim to optimize the way we exchange data to the benefit of both suppliers and customers. 

Thus we are working together with a number of external partners to get files processed according to our in-house XML format, reducing the quote time and providing faster data exchange. 

Enjoy the benefits of processing your using the same integration partners:

  • Reducing quote time
  • Cost effective invoice handling
  • Faster data exchange
  • Advanced expedition of orders
  • High data quality


What you see is what you get!

The catalog displays our global assortment of selected stores products for cabin, deck, and engine as well as a group of provision items which has recently been added. Complying with the needs of our seafaring customers, our catalog also works offline! Simply download when in port and use offline at sea.

Find what you are looking for  submit a Request For Quote (RFQ)  receive a quote!

  • Increased transparency
  • Works offline/online
  • Uniform product quality
  • Competitive local prices

 You can go to the catalog and place your RFQ here: Wrist E-catalog

 More to come soon..





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