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Time to be aware

We want to make it easy for you to be environmentally aware. With the aware product range, we provide you with responsible alternatives to the conventional products used in the maritime industry.

Aware is your choice for:

  • Eco-friendly solutions and services
  • Quality products in cooperation with recognized trademarks
  • A product line that meets the increasing need for reducing our carbon footprint and other environmental hazards in the maritime industry

What qualifies an aware product?

When production, distribution or usage is proven optimized, reducing the climate impact, we call it Climate smart. Proven recyclable packing or materials are labeled Recyclable, and products and packing that come from certified renewable resources are Renewable. Fresh inside is safe quality foods that are less processed, healthy, nutritious, or partially/fully organic.

Responsibility behind the brand

With thousands of different products and solutions delivered to seafarers around the world, we are aware of our contribution to the climate footprint. That is why we have introduced a new range of products reducing the climate footprint. Our aware products do not save the seas overnight, but it is a responsible choice to conserve and use the oceans while caring for seafarers in a future perspective – starting from now.

Climate smart



Fresh inside 

...in cooperation with recognized trademarks

Eco capsules

Eco capsules

The Profimax eco capsules are plastic-free detergents consisting of only biodegradable ingredients, coming in fully biodegradable and non-toxic film, leaving absolutely no waste behind. They are easy to use, following a simple and quick 3-step process.

LED tubes

The light LED tubes support the sustainable transition in the maritime industry by offering alternatives to the conventional solutions, making big savings on energy consumption every year. The LED tubes have longer service life, resulting in less waste, maintenance, transportation and saved costs.

Fresh water

The fresh nutritious Norwegian water from Fresh Water Norway comes in recyclable packaging as an alternative option to plastic bottles. The carton is made mostly from certified natural resources, such as FSC-certified wood and Bonsucro-certified sugar cane, ensuring the materials are responsibly managed and harvested.

Masava Max

Available in Rotterdam and Aalborg. Masava Max is an EU eco-labeled, highly effective, water-based alkaline cleaner and heavy-duty degreaser. It is specifically developed according to the newest international standards for degradability.

Water purifier

The Royal Cloud H04 water purifier is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. By producing your own potable water at sea, you minimize plastic produce and waste, reduce cost, increase storage space and ensure crew welfare with no max volume of water per person per day

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