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About Wrist

Wrist is the world’s leading ship and offshore supplier of marine provisions and stores with a market share of approximately 12%.

We are the only stores and provisions marine supplier with a global network of supply operations. We also offer services within owners’ goods and spare parts logistics and distribution combining deliveries to vessels.

With the launch of the Source2Sea digital marketplace, Wrist is leading the digitalization agenda of the maritime supply industry. All year round, 24/7 global online sourcing and logistics provide data transparency, automation, and convenience to customers.

We continuously work on reducing our climate impact, while proactively addressing customers’ growing demand and need for responsible solutions and services.

From more than 30 locations worldwide, in all major shipping locations, 1,800 Wrist employees take pride in making it easy for customers to order and receive marine supplies and services.

Wrist Group CEO, Jens Holger Nielsen


Quotation mark

As the leading ship supplier, we’re proud of delivering expert care to each and every vessel and offshore location. Efficient and convenient ship supply plays a paramount role in crew motivation and wellbeing of seafarers, and our continuous investment in digital innovation and sustainability ensures our customers safe and responsible daily operations based on transparent data".

- Jens Holger Nielsen, Group CEO



Our history

The ship chandler in Aalborg

Ship Chandler Ove Wrist in 1953

Did you know that Wrist Ship Supply was started in Aalborg by Ove Wrist in the early 1950's? After having worked many years for the ship chandler Axel Carlsen, Mr. Ove Wrist was urged by two good friends to start his own company - and so he did. In 1953, he rented a small store room in the port of Aalborg and during the first few years, he mainly supplied small coasters on his moped. As time went by, vessels from Finland and Sweden joined the list of customers as well. In 1960, he had four employees and moved into larger premises with room for a grocery shed, a tiny office and a small store room. Six years later, ship chandler Ove Wrist retired from the business. The company was turned into a limited company called Ove Wrist & Co. Ltd. At this point, the company had seven employees and the business delivered ship supplies to all Danish ports, covering all of Denmark.

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