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Massive customer interest for testing the Pontus hand tools

We see a clear tendency that customers prefer to work with one global hand tool brand to ensure consistency and predictable quality across their fleets.

Pontus is our own hand tool brand, and we keep it in stock in all own warehouses to be able to supply to our customers globally and at short notice together with other stores and provisions deliveries.

Substantial customer interest for testing the Pontus hand tool

Typically, our customers are not sure whether their onboard crews would accept a new quality and functionality, and therefore we offer our customers to arrange for test tool kits to be delivered to their ships for hands-on-testing. We highly support the personal hands-on-tests by the people whose daily work depends on standardized tools, good quality and – last but not least – safety.

Only last week, we shipped 10 test kits of hand tools to a Norwegian offshore customer’s ships. Now we are looking forward to the feedback and decision, hoping Pontus will become part of the customer’s standard requirements for hand tools globally”, says Henrik Pedersen, Deputy CCO, Global Sales.


Pontus is our standard quality tool line when you need to get the job done – at a fair price complying with general market needs.


  • Standard quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Global availability & standardization

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