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4,800 m2 solar panels under construction

4 May 2023

In Wrist, we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations in alignment with our ESG agenda. Right now, we are mounting 4,800 m2 solar panels on the rooftop of our facilities in Nørresundby, expecting to power up the solar panels around 1 May this year.

Solar powered rooftops

The operation of our warehouse and office facilities requires a lot of energy , but having decided to embrace solar energy, we will reduce our electricity expenses.

  • On average, the 4,800 m2 solar panels produce ~1 million kWh/year equivalent to 35% of our existing power consumption
  • We expect our annual cost savings for electricity to amount to DKK ~1million (dependent on power price)

As we are already consuming power from renewable sources that have very low environmental impacts, we will not reduce our CO2 emissions remarkably. However, when it comes to green power programs and rooftop solar panels, pairing these two options is a most effective solution. If the rooftop solar panels do not provide all the electricity we need for our facilities, we will cover the remainder with a relatively small green power purchase. That way, Wrist in Nørresundby will be entirely powered by renewables with a minimum environmental impact.


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