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Wrist UAE opens new 7,300m2 warehouse and 1,200 m2 offices

In the 2nd half of July, 2023, the new warehouse and offices in Sharjah, UAE will be fully operational, significantly improving the marine supplies and logistics services in the region. The warehouse serves as our Regional HQ warehouse in the region, doubling our stock holding capacity.

"Thanks to our valuable customers, we have outgrown our current location and are doubling our stock facilities. The facility of our new warehouse and offices is 8,500 m2 in total, which will strengthen our flexibility and growth strategy”, says Daniel Sidelmann, Regional Managing Director, Middle East.

The warehouse has improved Owners’ Goods facilities and the capacity to grow Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). It comes with a warehouse management system (WMS) that provides our warehouse workers with the inventory information they need when they need it. The WMS improves pick accuracy and speeds up the outbound delivery process to the benefit of our customers. Apart from this, it also reduces the internal workload and optimizes our work processes. 

We started building the facilities in May 2022, so it’s been a long process. We are now looking forward to being fully up and running in 2nd half of July! With this new warehouse, we can improve the overall service to our customers”, says Daniel Sidelmann, Regional Managing Director, Middle East. 

Customer benefits 

Improved Owners’ Goods facilities 
Capacity to grow Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s) 
Warehouse pick accuracy and faster delivery process 

Energy saving solutions and employee welfare as a priority 

The entire facility is built for efficient cooling from the ground construction to the ceiling and with multiple chambers to ensure a minimum amount of energy consumed for cooling. Large skylights have been built into the roof to bring in more natural daylight. All warehouse lighting in the new facilities is LED. The energy saving solutions and new elements of indoor environment will reduce CO2 and improve employee welfare. 

Here are a few photos of our new warehouse that is still under construction: