Pontus is our standard quality tool line when you need to get the job done.
– at a fair price complying with general market needs.



The Pontus tool line is part of Wrist’s global assortment and our well-established supply chain, providing you with a superior delivery compliance – all over the world.

When strong performance is key,
the Pontus line of products offers:

  •  Standard quality products

  •  Competitive pricing

  •  Global availability
     & standardization

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Complying with customer needs

In Greek mythology, Pontus was considered a personification of the sea itself. This illustrates very well the thoughts behind Wrist’s Pontus product line – being the global market leader in ship supply, we know our customers and their needs.

The Pontus range of products is put together to match exactly these needs and as part of our global assortment, you can always expect global availability and standardization in products.


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Pontus is a private label of Wrist

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