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Health at sea!

23 June 2014 

The project has focused on the elements that interact and influence the way to deal with diet and nutrition aboard in future. Find some of the helpful materials created on this link: Tune Up Your Health at Sea

The ILO Marine Labour Convention has been an important initiator of the project.

The Convention that took effect August 2013 states among other things that vessels must carry food of satisfactory quality, nutritional value and quantities and that the different cultural and religious backgrounds of crew must be taken into account. Also, the cook on board should have received training or acquired skills  in preparing meals under proper hygienic conditions.

Wrist Ship Supply A/S has participated as a stakeholder in the project – an inspiring work that serves the great purpose to enhance the conditions of the Seafarers. Conditions that we can all influence one way or the other whether being an owner, supplier, authority or the like.

The project has been supported by The Danish Maritime Fond (Den Danske Maritime Fond).