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Wrist History of Growth and Transformation

Learn more about how we became the leading ship and offshore supplier of marine provisions and stores through an ambitious growth and development strategy



2020 -

Wrist leads the Digitalization Agenda of the Maritime Supply Industry

Wrist founds and funds Source2Sea

  • In 2021, Wrist founded and funded the independent startup Source2Sea, a digital marine procurement and supply marketplace.

  • In 2022, Wrist launched eco-friendly product line aware and private labels Njord & Pontus.

  • In 2022, Wrist acquired Centralam Panama, strengthening its position at a strategically important maritime hub.

  • Other acquisitions and expansions include Valencia, Spain.


2010 - 2019

Wrist expanded into the Offshore Industry and strengthened its position in the Catering Market

Strachans and Garrets

  • In 2011, Wrist acquired Strachans Ltd., UK’s leading independent food distributor to the offshore market, moving towards expansion into the global offshore oil & gas industry.

  • In 2016, Wrist acquired Garrets International, one of the world’s leading marine caterers, handling provision supplies and budget control to over 1,000 ships worldwide.

  • In 2016, Wrist opened new facilities in Hamburg, improving service offering in the region and enhancing delivery time as well as frequency significantly.

  • Other acquisitions and expansions include Yamamoto, Triton Marine Group Inc., North Sea Stores, Den Helder Stores, Southern Ship Supply, Penta Offshore and Marine, Klevenberg Shipping Center, and Van Hulle.


2006 - 2010

Wrist founded its Logistics Branch and was sold to Altor, leading to more Global Expansions including North America

Altor and Wrist Marine Logistics

  • In 2006, Wrist founded Wrist Marine Logistics - the logistics branch of the wider Wrist Ship Supply organization. 

  • In 2007, Wrist was sold to the Nordic private equity fond Altor, meaning more financial power to support expansions across the globe.

  • In 2010, Wrist acquired World Ship Supply, West Coast Ship Supply, East Coast Ship Supply and Karlo Corporation (One Source North America) – the largest ship supply organization in North America. This move giving a major footprint into the US and Canadian markets.

  • Other acquisitions and expansions include Wrist Far East Malaysia, Dutch Kooyman Shipchandlers, Spanish Huqui-7 (HQ7), Norwegian Torkellsen and French E.A.F.M Sarl.


1970 - 2005

Wrist grew Bigger and Wider internationally through Expansions and Acquisitions

Wrist Ship Supply Far East Singapore

  • In 1975, we acquired Svendborg Ship Supply, making international orders an everyday event.

  • In 1993, we founded Wrist Rotterdam with warehouse and office location.

  • In 2000, we established Greenfield operations in the Far East region by setting up an office in Singapore.

  • Other acquisitions include Henry O. Pedersen Eftf., A. Chr. Berthelsen ApS., Kaj Madsens Eftf., Dubai Barakat Shipchandlers, American Lone Star Houston, Danish H.S. Hansen, Spanish Intership Algeciras, and Danish Supply Corporation.


1953 - 1969

Wrist Ship Supply was founded by Ship Chandler Ove Wrist in the Port of Aalborg, Denmark.

Ship chandler Ove Wrist

  • In 1953, he rented a small store room in the port of Aalborg, mainly supplying small coasters. Soon after, vessels from Finland and Sweden joined the list of customers as well.

  • In 1960, Ove Wrist had four employees and moved into larger premises with room for a grocery shed, a tiny office and a small store room.

  • In 1966, Ove Wrist retired from the business. The company was turned into a limited company called Ove Wrist & Co. Ltd. At this point, the company had seven employees and the business delivered ship supplies to all Danish ports, covering all of Denmark.

  • In 1969, Ove Wrist & Co. A/S received their first ship stores delivery from outside Denmark. They had deliveries to the Kiel Canal and to ships at ports in Northern Europe.



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