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Celebrating the seafarers! 

24 June 2019

Remember to celebrate our seafarers!

Day of the Seafarer is an annual initiative organised by the International Maritime Organisation to raise awareness and show support towards seafarers across the globe. The theme of this year’s Day of the Seafarer, “I Am On Board”, is about gender equality in the maritime world, where we show our respect and gratitude to the women in the professional ranks at sea.  


At Wrist and Garrets, we are not shy to admit that our seafarers are the most valuable asset to our brand and we would not be where we are today without their tireless efforts. We are focused on improving the wellbeing, safety and opportunities for our seafarers all over the world and we are therefore fully engaged in celebrating Day of the Seafarer.

This year, we engage in a sponsorship with SeaHealth to mark the day. With this gesture, we show our appreciation and admiration for our hardworking seafarers on this special day.


Wrist and Garrets are recognised for making their customers’ life at sea better. This vision is a shared ambition for the way the entire Wrist organisation is serving its customers. The priority of providing every vessel and crew with the best possible quality in service and products will remain the guiding star for all activities. For many years, the attention towards Day of the Seafarer has been part of Wrist and Garrets and it will continue to be our priority going forward.

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