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Crossing the production milestone of 500,000 kWh solar energy

This week, our solar panels in Aalborg, Denmark will pass the 500,000 kWh milestone since the 4,800 m2 solar panels were mounted in June this year. The solar power installation is expected to produce around 1 million kWh annually equivalent to more than one-third of our entire power consumption – generating annual CO2 emissions savings of more than 210 tons.

The next time a drone passes over Wrist in Aalborg, it will reveal a 1 MW solar power installation with a spectacular pattern of 2,464 rooftop solar panels. This important low carbon initiative has already started to reduce our electricity expenses, reducing at the same time our carbon footprint significantly.

Pairing two decarbonizing power sources

Solar energy is only one part of our decarbonizing electricity. We are already consuming power from renewable sources that have very low environmental impacts. Pairing the green power program and rooftop solar panels is a most effective solution. If and when the rooftop solar panels do not provide all the electricity we need for our facilities, we will cover the remainder with a relatively small green power purchase. That way, Wrist in Aalborg is entirely powered by renewables with a minimum environmental impact.

Milestone:         500,000 kWh solar energy has been produced since June this year
Total size:
          1 MW installation with 2,464 rooftop solar panels equivalent to 4,800 m2
Production:        ~1 million kWh/year equivalent to 35% of our entire power consumption
                                or the power consumption of 250 Danish households
Cost savings:      Expected savings for electricity are DKK ~1million
CO2 savings:      More than 210 tons

The decision to consume power from renewable sources follows Wrist’s ESG agenda, supporting the initiatives we are already taking globally to reduce our impact on the environment.


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