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When water is not just water 

In North American ports, you now have access to purified water in cartons that contribute actively to the reduction of plastic waste on board your ships. 

To meet our customers’ demand for an alternative to the conventional single-use-plastic water bottles, we have partnered up with Boxed Water Is Better. Boxed Water is purified water in 100% recyclable and BPA-free cartons and made of 92% plant-based materials.  

Drinking purified water from a 500mL certified CarbonNeutral® carton is a conscious decision to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste on board. It’s also a way to improve storage and space on board, as the empty cartons are easily folded, flattened, and recycled. 

100% recyclable cartons available in 500mL and 1 Ltr  

  • 100% recyclable and BPA* free 
  • Carton (incl. cap) is 92% plant-based 
  • 500mL carton is certified CarbonNeutral® 
  • Purified water for the crew
  • Easily folded, flattened, and recycled 
  • Improves storage and space on board

*Bisphenol A 

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