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Wrist quadruples capacity in US Gulf

Wrist Ship Supply invests in a new 60,000 ft² state-of-the-art facility in New Orleans, allowing the company to be the first HACCP-approved supplier in the region. The new warehouse is a result of massive growth in Wrist’s North American-based operations.

Wrist is fortifying its position in the strategically important port of New Orleans and moving operations to a new and future-proof facility in April 2014.

A small section of Wrist's new facilities in New Orleans

The new building will be more than 60,000 ft² in size – more than 5,500 m2 – and four stories tall, which will quadruple capacity and achieve economies of scale.

“The facility size is state-of-the-art and will definitely make us the biggest ship supplier in the US Gulf Area in addition to our Wrist office in Houston. The space allows us to have everything under one roof and thereby improve efficiency and our 24/7/365 services,” says Jubi Hillery, CEO Wrist America.

More efficient ship supply services
The investment boosts the volumetric capacity, making it easier to meet customer demands.

“We can buy truck-loads of any individual product at any time directly from the vendor and thus skip price-increasing intermediaries. We will be able to buy globally and nationally versus buying regionally and as a result offer even more efficient ship supply services,” Jubi Hillery continues.

With 1/3 of the area – about 20,000 ft² – as freezer space, Wrist is going to be the first HACCP-approved supplier in the region. Despite being placed in a very hot climate, the new facility allows the company to meet the guidelines and standards for a possible HACCP certification (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is a global standard for food safety).

The facility will only be about 65 miles from Fourchon, which is the biggest port for the offshore industry in the US Gulf.

A result of One Source acquisition
The new facility is a remarkable sign of the success in the US markets. Last year, Wrist Ship Supply announced a significant growth in its North American-based operations.

Søren Jørgensen, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, explains that this growth follows the acquisition of World Ship Supply, West Coast Ship Supply, East Coast Ship Supply and Karlo Corporation – collectively known as One Source North America – in 2010.

“North America is an important part of our growth strategy. The successful integration of One Source has given us a significant presence in the North American and Canadian markets. As the world’s largest ship supplier, we aim to provide standardized, streamlined and locally based services in every geographical region, not least in the busy and strategically important US Gulf,” says Søren Jørgensen.

Wrist’s department in New Orleans moves into the new 60,000 ft² building in April 2014.