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Wrist statement in regards to OW Bunker

6 November 2014

In continuation of the reported financial challenges in OW Bunker Group, business partners have raised concerns whether Wrist Ship Supply A/S Group is affected hereby.

There is no ownership connection between the two Companies.

The group relation between OW Bunker and Wrist Ship Supply Group ceased in November 2013 and in December 2013 Wrist Ship Supply A/S Group concluded its independent finance agreement.

The connection between the two groups is now limited to minor commercial commerce and Wrist Ship Supply A/S Group is thus not material affected by the reported financial challenges reported in OW Bunker.


For further information please contact:
Robert Steen Kledal, CEO
Mobile: +45 24634561

Anders Skipper, Executive Vice President & CFO
Mobile: +45 21341099

Kristian Flamsholt, General Counsel
Mobile: +45 41747590