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Wrist Middle East Experiences Remarkable Cruise Shipping Growth in the Region

Cruise Ship in Dubai

Dubai's position in the global cruise shipping industry has grown steadily over the years with continued investments in infrastructure, government support and its strategic location. Today, Dubai has become a premier global cruise destination for cruise lines and travelers in the Middle East and beyond.
Graph showing Business development in UAE

“We are seeing a great spike in cruise sales this season, surpassing even pre-Covid numbers, which reflects both the industry’s remarkable growth in Dubai in recent years, but also our dedication to meet the cruise operators’ specific needs.” Says Mads Jensen, Regional Sales and Marketing Director, Wrist Middle East.

In the face of unprecedented challenges brought forth by the pandemic, Wrist Middle East has swiftly adapted to the changing demands of the cruise industry, thus proving to meet customers’ needs in difficult times and ensuring seamless operations and on-time in-full deliveries to cruise ships docking at Dubai's ports.

Wrist Middle East – experts in providing high quality to cruise liners

Many cruise liners offer culinary journeys with an extensive list of dining options that are included in the full-board cruise fares. The gastronomic cuisines vary from ship to ship, but in general the food quality is high-end to meet the passengers’ expectations.

Wrist Middle East is specialized within fresh provisions targeted especially towards the cruise liners’ gastronomic universe, delivering a wide range of fresh provisions, including:

  • Fresh chilled and frozen seafood
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Beef, striploin, tenderloin, prime rib etc.
  • Chickens’ whole, breast, wings etc.
  • Soft drinks, tobacco, spirits etc.
  • Baked goods, pastry, croissants etc.

Get in touch with our team in Wrist Middle East today and have a talk about how we can cater to your needs.