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Cheap and environmentally friendly drinking water

In a close partnership with Maersk, and with a joint target to reduce the plastics in circulation in the maritime industry, we are delivering more than 100 Water Purifiers to the Maersk fleet of container vessels.

We have established that just three Water Purifiers potentially cover 80% of the drinking water consumption on board Maersk ships with 25 crew members. Thus, making the Water Purifier a responsible alternative to single-use plastic drinking water bottles.

“Every year, we supply more than 31 million plastic water bottles to vessels across the globe, which prompted us to improve our offerings and keep our customers informed of better, responsible alternatives,” says Henrik Pedersen, Deputy CCO, Wrist.

We have made the water purifiers available at our branches in Rotterdam, Dubai, and Singapore. In addition, Maersk has also requested that we have our Tetrapak carton water in stock in all major locations, with the aim of covering the water need on board 100% through either purified water or carton water, avoiding plastic water bottles entirely.

“This is a true partnership on responsible drinking water. We are happy that Wrist met Maersk’s requirements on our important journey to move from single-use plastics to more responsible alternatives,” says Dorthe Mejlvang, Head of Provisions, Safety and Consumables at Maersk.

Benefits to carton water and the Water Purifiers include:

Minimizing plastic produce and waste

 Reducing the cost for drinking water

Lowering the transport weight and costs – and related CO2 emissions

 Increasing the storage space on board