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Wrist Gangway Policy

13 March 2020


Due to the Coronavirus, Wrist needs to take some appropriate safety measures to avoid spreading the disease during the physical supplies.

Appropriate actions have been taken throughout our office and warehouses worldwide, ensuring continuous supplies to your vessels, which is imperative. We follow the guidelines from the authorities very closely.

Wrist takes health and the well-being of your crew on board very seriously.

Over the coming period we will not board any vessels nor will our drivers go on board and get in personal contact with the officers and/or crew.

Our driver will call a designated person on board by phone when the truck has arrived. Agreement will then be made as where to place the pallets. The driver will stand a safe distance (min. 2mtr/8Ft) before your crew attend to  the pallets. All paperwork will be sent by email prior deliveries.

All paperwork must be returned promptly with Master’s Signatory and vessel’s stamp.

Cash payments:

Prepare the agreed amount in an envelope beforehand. Either it can be passed on to our staff using the lifting basket or be transacted at the bottom of the gangway between the Captain or crew and our representative only. Masks and gloves should be worn by both parties. If this cannot be accomplished, the payment must be settled via agent/owner or ship manager.

We will ask the vessel to inform us in advance of the delivery of two phone numbers, which the driver can use to get in contact with a designated person onboard: A priority number and a backup number.

This Practice we will continue until further notice.

With these new measures in place we wish to assist public health authorities in their treatment of the virus by doing what we can to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 and to protect your crew and their safety on board.