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Wrist acquires leading Dutch offshore supplier

30 November 2015



The world’s leading ship and offshore supplier, Wrist Ship Supply, today took ownership of Dutch offshore supplier Den Helder Stores. This acquisition is another step in Wrist’s growth strategy: to build and offer clients a global value proposition in both the offshore and shipping segments.

Today, Wrist Ship Supply signed the contract finalising the acquisition of Dutch offshore ship supplier Den Helder Stores, which is the leading offshore supplier located in the offshore centre of the Netherlands – Den Helder north of Amsterdam. The company, which moved into new facilities at the harbour in 2009, today employs around 25 people and has sales of more than 12 million euro per year.

Den Helder Stores facilities

A close collaboration of many years
Den Helder Stores has for many years been a subcontractor for Wrist on a number of contracts, and it is as such not a new alliance.

“We have worked closely together for many years, and that collaboration has given us intimate knowledge of the company, which is very well operated. They have been in the industry for many years, and their business has developed and built its excellent reputation by providing a first class service. Today, Den Helder Stores is recognised as the leading supplier to the energy sector in the Netherlands,” says Stanley Morrice, Managing Director at Wrist’s offshore supplier Strachans Ltd., which has had a trading relationship with Den Helder Stores for more than 25 years.

Part of an overall growth strategy
This acquisition is another step in Wrist’s growth strategy: to build and offer clients a global value proposition in both the offshore and shipping segments.

“A large portion of Den Helder Stores’ activities are today tied to Wrist, so when the owners expressed their desire to sell the company over a period of time, it was a clear‐cut opportunity for us to take ownership. It is another step in our strategy of being able to build and offer clients a global value proposition. With this acquisition, we have a solid position in Den Helder in the Netherlands, and we will continue to ensure a high level of service to our clients in the Dutch offshore sector,” states Robert Kledal, CEO of Wrist.

The family stays on board
Den Helder Stores is an old, family‐owned and operated company from 1919. Jaqueline Bakker, who is fourth generation in the company, today runs Den Helder Stores together with her husband Ed Jansen – and they will both stay on in the company’s management after the acquisition.

Ed and Jacqueline
Ed Jansen and Jacqueline Bakker

“We are delighted that Den Helder Stores will now be part of the world’s largest ship and offshore supplier. The acquisition will bring benefits to our staff and our customers throughout Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, Canada and North America via Wrist’s global networks. Becoming part of a larger context is a great advantage to a company such as ours, and we are very much looking forward to the next chapter of our long and proud history as part of the Wrist Group,” says Ed Jansen and Jacqueline Bakker.

“As such, the family isn’t selling because it wishes to phase out its engagement, but in order to continue to run it based on the considerable experience and customer base that they have built. We are delighted that Ed and Jacqueline have agreed to continue working in the business, and I am really looking forward to working with them and the team at Den Helder Stores in continuing the success story,” Stanley Morrice concludes.


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