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Winners found

26 January 2016

Wrist Ship Supply A/S survey about seafarers' media habits and the content they prefer is closed and winners of the competition found.

Wrist would like to improve our service to the seafarers.

In order to do so we have asked seafarers to answer a survey about their media habits and the content they prefer.

Thank you all those who took your time to answer and by that giving us very useful information to develop our business.

Here are the 10 winners of the competition that has been chosen by lot – congratulations:


Mr. Alroy from India

Mr. Saurabh Rawat from India

Mr. Johan Jensen from Sweden

Mr. Shalu Mathew from India

Mr. Alfredo from The Philippines

Mr. Suherman from Indonesia

Ms. Estrella Pikitpikit from The Philippines

Mr. André Pisani from Norway

Mr. Meidel Eriksen from Norway

Mr. Junisahl S. Avila from The Philippines


The winners have all been contacted directly.