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Press Release: Wrist Ship Supply proudly announces cooperation with Fresh Water Norway

13 April 2021

Wrist continues to support sustainable measures with a new partnership with Fresh Water Norway, offering customers from the Northern part of Europe a more environmentally option when sourcing fresh water for those at sea.

Wrist and Fresh Water Norway recently signed a contract for the supply and distribution of the eco-friendly, recyclable Tetra Pak water cartons. The water will be shipped from Norway to Rotterdam and be part of Wrist’s product range in the Rotterdam and Noerresundby warehouse from April.

Plastic pollution of the sea is an environmental problem that requires urgent measures. As much as 8 million tons of the world’s total plastic production ends up in the sea. That is one truckload every minute, and a huge, additional threat to marine life which is already struggling with global warming and other pollution issues. Therefore, Fresh Water Norway is very excited to see that a significant amount of important shipping companies are welcoming their contribution to a greener future.

Fresh Water Norway delivers pure, highly nutritious, and award-winning water from the lakes of Telemark in sustainable cartons made from trees from sustainable Swedish forests. The cap originates from sugar cane.

Wrist launches its own line of private label-products under the name ‘aware’, moving a step closer to operating more sustainably.

The recyclable Tetra Pak water cartons are the newest addition to Wrist’s global assortment of green line products, now called ‘aware’, which consists of biodegradable and eco-friendly products. The line of green products is still in the early stages, but there are already a few products available.

With the ‘aware’-line, Wrist aims towards improving its environmental performance, resource utilization as well as reducing the industry’s carbon and plastic footprint. The cooperation with Fresh Water Norway is a step in the right direction, as the Tetra Pak water carton and cap are made of renewable and recyclable materials.

Based on previous years, Wrist has been selling more than 3,000,000 plastic water bottles in different sizes every year, therefore the need for alternatives has been of utmost importance. Wrist has tried to limit the use of plastic in their deliveries and in-house as the negative impact from plastic is not taken lightly. Thus, Wrist is gradually replacing its plastic bottles with Fresh Water Norway’s recyclable Tetra Pak water cartons, reducing its environmental impact on the world.

Mille Vinther
Global Category Manager, Wrist Ship Supply
E-mail:, phone +45 9931 8183.

Maria Andersen
Sales and Marketing Director, Fresh Water Norway 
E-mail:, phone: +47 91308983
(also for photos, materials, etc.:)

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