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New logistics customer portal with easy-tracking and 100% transparency

September 29, 2021

Our logistics branch in Copenhagen has launched a user-friendly, dynamic platform providing our customers with real-time updates and an overview of their entire delivery process

We are currently working on implementing the platform in our logistics branch in Aalborg as well.

New forwarding platform in Wrist Marine Logistics

Our logistics branch in Copenhagen has launched their new and groundbreaking forwarding platform. It is based on the latest within Cloud Technology, setting new standards for the future of forwarding business in Wrist.

The online portal is developed to meet the current and future needs of our customers, supporting the demand for a higher level of digitalization.

Automatic real-time tracking and complete transparency.

Log on to our logistics customer portal, where you can follow your orders with real-time tracking and updates, always keeping you in the loop. Each account is specially tailored to meet each vessel’s demand, presenting a live status on the specific orders.

You get full transparency of the entire delivery process for each vessel and order, including relevant data on your supplier’s shipment history and delivery performance.

Easy navigation and access

You get easy access to relevant data for each shipment, such as your invoices, order details, packing lists, products etc. You can also easily export the documents directly to excel, saving you the time of contacting us to get the files.

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