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More Wrist employees have gone electric

July 19, 2023

The morning activity at the Wrist charging stations, installed in the parking lot in Aalborg, reflects the increasing number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars among employees and guests visiting our headquarters. – Wrist has gone more electric.  

This spring, our parking lot was equipped with 20 Clever (Clever is a Danish EV charging supplier) charging stations for electric and plug-in hybrid cars, having already prepared for 12 additional stations.  

  • 12 of the first 24 charging stations have been installed behind a gated fence to ensure we have sufficient power capacity for Wrist employees 
  • Clever charging stations support both electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles 
  • The charging stations have the charging power of 11kW each 
  • The station has the capacity to charge 20 electric cars across 20 stations simultaneously. 

In Wrist, we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations in alignment with our ESG strategy. Offering EV charging solutions at work is convenient for the employees. It eliminates the fear of range anxiety, you save time when charging during office hours, and help employees reduce their individual carbon footprint.