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World’s largest ship supplier highlights role of chandlers in ensuring MLC compliance


20 August 2013

Today sees the landmark Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 regulation enter into force, and Wrist Ship Supply, the world’s largest ship supplier, is calling for the role of ship supply to be recognised in safeguarding compliance, protecting revenue from costly fines and delivering efficiency.

“MLC 2006 is now a reality for the industry. Whilst this new regulation is just the first step towards protecting seafarer welfare and elevating standards, it will also have a positive impact on other areas of the shipping industry; in particular, hastening the professionalisation of ship supply,” says Robert Steen Kledal, managing director, Wrist Ship Supply.

“Generating awareness of ship supply – which is dwarfed by fuel costs – beyond a cost centre is important, as it plays a key role in maintaining crew motivation and productivity. For example, mealtimes are crucial for seafarers to not only maintain nutritional health, but also to bond and socialise with their crewmates during tough conditions away from their families. This all adds to ship owners’ and operators’ ability to run a happy, productive, and now compliant, operation.

“We know that this is an important and valued piece of regulation, as comments from our global customer base testify. Our customers are taking a proactive approach and very much regard MLC 2006 as a minimum standard. However, there is more work to be done in smoothing the supply chain, ensuring transparency and budget control to ultimately deliver the efficiencies that ship supply bring.  Technology is continuously evolving to help enable this, and we are working on further developing our WristXena software that provides an intuitive and interactive menu-planning tool that also helps to facilitate compliance with this new regulation.”


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Notes to editors:
WristXena has recently been updated, to provide easy access to online support and improved manning reports for vessels using the programme. WristXena also enables ordering, stock and menu planning that takes into account regulation around seafarer catering, as stipulated by the MLC 2006. WristXena was launched to the market in September 2012.   More than 35 vessels are now using the programme.

About Wrist Ship Supply
Wrist Ship Supply is the world’s top global provider of ship supply services with a market share of 8%. The company utilises its global network, scale, advanced technology and purchasing strength to provide its customers with all types of ship chandlery products and services wherever and whenever they need them, creating transparency and efficiencies within the procurement process, as well as improving profitability. Wrist Ship Supply has a presence in Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Germany, France, Spain, Dubai, Singapore, The UK, The US and Canada.  Wrist Ship Supply is owned by the Wrist Group.