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How we Remedy Five Challenges in our Customers’ Daily Operations

It is well known for both customers and suppliers in the maritime supply and logistics industry that supply chains are often complex – and this can result in wrong or late deliveries, unredeemed expectations and too high costs.  

It goes without saying that our customers’ trust, expectations and needs are key priorities for us. Thus, we have been looking into and analyzing some of the biggest challenges our customers face in their daily operations with ship suppliers, including ourselves, to find out where we can improve our services to make sure we address these challenges.

So, what did we Learn?

In general, ship owners and ship managers are facing five major challenges in their daily operations related to maritime supplies:

  • Late responses to RFQs
  • Assortments that vary from port to port
  • Incomplete deliveries
  • Too high costs
  • Need for personal contact

How can we Help Remedy these Daily Challenges?

Late Responses to RFQs:

We are dedicated to reducing our quotation time, striving to respond within 24 hours by planning and prioritizing our RFQs. Reducing quotation time to less than 24 hours helps our customers optimize their delivery time and processes. Automating the quotation process and utilizing data to forecast customer demands will also lead to better and faster quotations, improving work life onboard. However, we can never completely eliminate lateness in our responses.

Assortments that Vary from Port to Port:

With a scalable and prioritized global assortment delivered from more than 30 locations, our customers are – in most cases – assured a uniform quality worldwide. In our regional distribution centers in Houston and UAE, we have expanded and optimized our warehouse and distribution capabilities significantly, over the past two years, to leverage scale and store our global assortment to meet our customers’ needs for a uniform quality worldwide including orders for regional and local items.

Incomplete Deliveries:

Building extra capacity into our supply chain, such as having extra stock, helps ensure complete deliveries. Improving the quality of the quotation and consistently delivering on-time in-full, while engaging in proactive communication with our customers, will also ease customer workflows. Moreover, automating the quotation process will enhance the overall quality of quotations.

Too High Costs:

Sourcing high volumes and consolidating deliveries of provisions, stores, and spares help our customers optimize their costs. We do in-depth analyses and commodity index reporting to evaluate if our prices are within fair correlation, matching price and quality. In the future, we will continue consolidating volumes even further into our global assortment to mitigate price increases whenever possible.

Need for Personal Contact:

Even though we are building digital catalogs to ease our customers’ purchasing processes, personal contact is still pivotal. That is why we connect with our customers through a global Key Account Management network to provide a single point of contact for all inquiries and concerns, to grow stronger relationships with our customers. We also facilitate knowledge sharing across our organization to enhance the overall customer experience on a global scale, ensuring that our customers’ needs are met in every port.

And how do we plan to do this?

Across our 30+ branches, we are all determined to meet our customers’ expectations and needs for simple and resilient maritime and logistics supply chains. We want to be easy to do business with – and bring our customers peace of mind.

Therefore, we promise our customers that:

  • We care for your ship supplies
  • We are where you are
  • We serve you on-time in-full
  • We supply what you need
  • We connect with you

You shared your experiences with us. We hear you – and now we act.