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Full Steam Ahead for the Cruise Business in Wrist North America

To connect with our customers in the cruise industry, we are excited to introduce the newly formed Wrist North America Cruise Team, bringing together seasoned professionals with a vast background servicing the cruise business.

Cruise Team

North America has firmly established itself as a leader in the cruise industry, showcasing significant strength in both supply and demand. In 2023, the region dominated the global cruise market – a tendency that is expected to continue.

In recent years, Wrist North America has been serving a still growing number of customers within the cruise industry and we have quickly been recognized as a critical supplier to key customers.

“We know that supplying a cruise ship is like supplying a five-star hotel – quality and accurate shipping are crucial factors. With a dedicated Cruise Team in place, we are ready to take our cruise supply business to the next level and reply to the still increasing demand from the cruise industry,” explains Mike Liantonio, CEO Wrist North America.

Cruise Industry Growth
North America, in particular, has been instrumental in fostering the growth of cruise tourism. Through various strategic initiatives, the country has bolstered its cruise industry infrastructure, especially in key ports and regions. A notable example is the Cruise Passenger Protection Act, which has significantly enhanced consumer protections for cruise passengers, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable cruising experience.

Passion for Ship Supplies
With a passion for ship supplies and innovative industry experience, we understand the requirements of different vessel types and what is needed for specific cruise ships. With the Wrist experience, our customers can be sure to receive a tailor-made solution matching exactly their vessel type ranging from small-size expedition cruise ships to transatlantic ships.

Mary Cae Ulizio, Cruise Team Manager, says: ”We are excited to navigate the future of cruise supply with unparalleled service and precision, ensuring every voyage is a seamless and exceptional experience for our valued customers.”

Get in touch with our team in Wrist North America today and have a talk about how we can cater to your needs.