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Wrist Marine Logistics (WML) provides a unique logistics system for the handling of project cargo and ships’ spares.

10 July 2019

Through experience and a strong organization, Wrist Marine Logistics (WML) provides customers with expert care

With the IMO adoption of MARPOL Annex VI, regulating the sulphur content in ships’ fuel to 0.5 per cent from 2020, the need for handling exhaust gas cleaning equipment has increased heavily.

WML has the capacity and expertise in all parts of the logistics related to a scrubber installation; from detailed co-ordination with the manufacturer to the special permissions needed for truck transport and sea freight. All scrubber towers are shipped on flat rack containers and the remaining spares are shipped in 20” or 40” containers by sea freight if time allows, otherwise by airfreight.  

Making a difference for shipowners
The handling of scrubbers includes high level logistics – “In WML we know the importance and need for correct handling of ship spares to our customers. We are used to handling all aspects of the delivery whenever and wherever needed.” says Frank Hjorth, Operations Manager in WML Copenhagen.

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