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Applause to the Seafarer!

20 December 2013

In the “Lloyds List ONE HUNDRED 2013 most influential people in the Shipping Industry” as number 1 you find “The Seafarer”.

Behind this top position is the remarkable story of the extraordinary efforts done by Capt. Niaz, when he was master of the vessel “a Whale” and the crew was abandoned by its owner.

Seafarers are guardians of the seaborne trade, which represents 90% of the global trade. Life at sea brings a higher risk to the Seafarers than seen in any other profession, should things go wrong.

Wrist hopes the recognition this award gives to the Seafarer is helping focusing on the life at sea.

Seafarers Welfare
In Wrist we also focus on Seafarers Welfare. Aligned with our vision “We are recognised for making our customers' life  at sea better”, we strive to do a difference every day.