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5 years of curling!

8 December 2014

Since 2009, teams from the shipping industry have met for a battle to become Curling Champion of the year. Every year, 16 teams participate in the big battle taking place on the four rinks of Curling Club Hamburg e.V. And this year was no exception. But instead of containers, vessels and logistics, the chats were all about rinks, stones and brushes. And of course about fun and trickeries.

This year, the desired challenge trophy went to the team from NRS/Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt, the second place went to the team of Oskar Wehr and the third place to Hellespont Ship Management.

As for the outfits, there is a separate competition/trophy for the best dress and some teams actually do not go for the curling scores but for "Best Dress".