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Van Oord outsources consumables management to Wrist Rotterdam, enabling them to focus on their core business

April 24, 2024

A case story on how Wrist Rotterdam developed a tailor-made solution for Van Oord to reduce their time spent on consumables, supplying what they need while reducing logistics costs and carbon footprint.

Van Oord, a leading Dutch maritime contracting company, was looking for a partner to outsource the management of consumables to, which represents 25% of all order lines to the fleet. It was complex and time-consuming to manage delivery of a wide range of products which availability differs from location to location and is constantly changing. As a consequence, a disproportional amount of purchasing capacity had to be allocated to this relatively small spend category.

Wrist Rotterdam and Van Oord have developed a partnership in which the processes and systems are fully integrated, and where more than 6,000 unique items have been carefully identified to cover the basic needs of Van Oord. The tailor-made product catalog is continuously updated, ensuring error-free handling of orders, thus saving time and cost. The solution includes a closed loop system of wooden storage bins and consolidation of cargo, reducing the carbon footprint.

“Previously, managing consumables simply took a disproportionate amount of time of our procurement compared to the total spend. By outsourcing the consumables management to Wrist, we have far more control allowing us to focus on our core business”.

- Jorn Bertens, Lead Procurement Ship Management at Van Oord.

How Wrist Rotterdam supplied Van Oord what they needed:

  • Outsourcing of consumables through customized setup
  • Developing and maintaining product catalog
  • Proces and system integration
  • Dedicated wooden storage bin system, reducing C02
  • Dedicated warehouse

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