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Urgent on-time in-full delivery secured the daily meals onboard

March 4, 2024

A case story on how Wrist Middle East received an urgent request for fresh provisions and managed to deliver on-time in-full within 24 hours, securing the daily meals onboard.

Wrist Middle East received an urgent request from a vessel arriving at Dubai Port. Due to different circumstances, the captain had suddenly realized that the vessel was at risk of running out of fresh provisions for their 20-member crew. The order had to be delivered within 24 hours.

“It was obvious that we had to react immediately to deliver the order. Time is costly, and any wrong delivery, misunderstanding, or delay is a waste of our customer’s costly time. Add to this that fresh provisions are imperative to crew welfare onboard”, says Mads Jensen, Sales and Marketing Director, Middle East.

Over the weekend, five Wrist employees teamed up to  finalize collecting, consolidating and delivering the ordered provisions on-time in-full.

The captain immediately sent an email to express his gratitude to Wrist Middle East as the vessel could fortunately continue the voyage as planned – and with the needed fresh provisions on board.

Crew welfare comes first
Working at sea requires good physical strength, which entails the right quantity and quality of food. Inadequacies of food provisions supplied onboard risk affecting the physical and mental well-being of the officers and crew on board the vessel. Apart from sustaining the seafarers’ existence, the meals are also a source of joy, comfort, and social gatherings.

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