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Global Expertise and Reliable Deliveries Fuel Successful Partnership

June 27, 2024

A case story on the strong partnership with one of our key customers, and how punctuality, availability, efficiency, versatility and flexibility are significant parameters for the customer to run their services smoothly.

Being specialized in the supply of catering and hotel services to worksites across the world, this customer is fully dependent on on-time in-full solutions from their suppliers, and that’s exactly why they keep turning to Wrist for full-scale provision supplies to selected offshore customers.

Over the years, we have had a close relationship. Recently, a 10-month contract with Wrist was signed for the supply of all provision items for a US offshore vessel project out of Jacksonville and New Jersey. Upon a very positive evaluation, they asked for a similar setup in the ARA region as the same offshore vessel had taken on a new project in the Netherlands. With Wrist’s global presence, we were able to comply with their request via our Offshore Supply business unit in Antwerp.

The customer has now received supplies out of Antwerp since September 2023, and expresses gratitude for the cooperation with Wrist while explaining that they did not hesitate to expand the partnership to a new region when the opportunity came up. They appreciate the global presence of Wrist as well as the demonstrated punctuality, efficiency, versatility and flexibility.

In the US, more projects are in scope – later this year, Wrist will provide the total provision supply of two additional vessels on the East Coast, and in The Gulf of Mexico, we will partner up for a new project with port calls in Manzanillo, Altamira, Veracruz, Fourchon and Galveston.

“We appreciate the great partnership with the team. They have a huge responsibility on the different projects they bid for, and I’m glad that we’re able to support them with our expert team of local and global Key Account Managers to make sure we meet their needs and the needs of the crews they are serving – no matter where they contract with us”.

- Casper Nielsen, Sales Director in Wrist.

What makes Wrist a preferred partner?

  • Global network in 30+ ports
  • Reliable and complete deliveries
  • Product assortment and quality
  • Global, regional and local expertise

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