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Our thinking

We strive to attract and retain staff and provide training so that they become experts within our business. Our people have a deep knowledge of the industry and understanding of the diversified needs of our customers, from specific technical solutions that need to be implemented, as well as differing cultural nuances.

They are dedicated to taking the best possible care of customers' vessels and the crews that operate them, as well as meeting the specific demands of offshore platforms and navy operations – in short:


Expert care - making our customers' life at sea better


More than 1,600 Wrist employees worldwide are committed to this mission. It is steeped in the values of the organisation and enshrined in the daily actions and behaviours of our operational staff.

Our global approach to business is reflected in the differing nationalities and cultures of our global team. This means that we have the ability to understand every customer’s cultural diversity and how this may impact the specific demands that you set.