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Annual reports 

Information on DVCA’s Guidelines

As a company owned by a private equity fund, Wrist Ship Supply A/S must either comply with the recommendations of DVCA or substantiate why the recommendations, wholly or partially, are not complied with.

In Wrist Ship Supply A/S’ opinion the recommendations of DVCA are being observed, except for the below few points:

  • The annual report does not refer to the recommendations of DVCA
  • The annual report includes the average number of employees but not the development in the number of employees in Denmark and the rest of the world, respectively.

Reference is made to www.dvca.dk for further information regarding the guidelines.

Wrist Ship Supply Annual Report 2021

pdf Download Business Review 2021

pdf Download Annual Report 2021


Wrist Ship Supply Annual Report 2020

pdf Download Annual Report 2020


Wrist Ship Supply Annual Report 2019

pdf Download Annual Report 2019


 Wrist Ship Supply Annual Report 2018

pdf Download Business Review 2018

pdf Download Annual Report 2018


Wrist Ship Supply Annual Report 2017

pdf Download Business Review 2017

pdf Download Annual Report 2017


Wrist Ship Supply Annual Report 2016

pdf Download Business Review 2016

pdf Download Annual Report 2016 


Wrist Ship Supply Annual Report 2015

pdf Download Business Review 2015

pdf Download Annual Report 2015