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Fresh Norwegian Water

In partnership with Fresh Water Norway, we supply and distribute water of superior quality, rich on natural key nutrients and minerals, in Northern Europe.

It is our mission to provide expert care to our customers - and with this pure, nutritious water from the lakes of Telemark, we also meet the market demand for fresh mineral water to the seafarers.


Water is not just water

The human body is made up of 70 % water, so it is only natural that water is essential to keep our bodies healthy. The human body's pH balance is the level of acids and bases in your blood at which your body functions the best. Water from Fresh Water Norway has a pH value between 7.7-8.2 maintaining naturally a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity.

Natural nutrients are key

The water is of superior quality and ranks amongst the highest qualities in Europe. It is Norwegian mineral water tapped directly from award-winning Valleråsen waterworks, which is supplied with water from Lake Farris and Mjøvann. In 2013, Valleråsen waterworks was named the best drinking water in Norway.

The water is filtered, which removes bacteria and salt content, but without the water losing any natural key nutrients. The water also goes through a last “cleaning” process with a UV light filter, which is both very safe and healthy, ensuring top quality water with all the minerals intact.

The natural nutrients are essential for hydration and health.



Made of 75% renewable natural resources

Our new fresh water comes in recyclable cartons, offering our customers an alternative option to plastic bottles, when sourcing fresh water to those at sea. With recyclable water cartons, made of paper from FSC-certified forests and plant-based polymers from Bonsucro-certified sugar cane, we aim to help reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans.

FSC-certified paper

The water cartons are made from FSC-certified paper, meaning the wood used comes from responsibly managed forests. This is necessary to combat climate change as the trees help ensuring carbon retention.The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the pioneers of forest certification with more than 25 years of experience in sustainable forest management. The FSC national standards include specific guidelines set within strict criteria to minimize the environmental impact.

Bonsucro-certified sugar cane caps

The caps are made of plant-based polymers from Bonsucro-certified sugar cane, responsibly farmed in the center-south region of Brazil, far away from the Amazon rainforest. The sugar canes regrow fully every year, and they absorb CO2 from the air as they grow, giving them a significantly lower footprint than plastic caps.

Bonsucro is a global multi-stakeholder non-profit organization with more than 15 years of experience promoting sustainable sugar cane production, processing and trade around the world.




The carton can be recycled into paper products, such as tissues or secondary packaging. They are best recycled with other paper and cardboard waste, which most major ports accept for recycling. 


The recycling process is called hydropulping, which is an easy 3-step process, where the used cartons are put in water, so the materials separate. The water used to restore the materials for new products is reused throughout the entire process. 

Easy and effective storing

The squared cartons optimize the limited storage space on board - both when full and empty. When full - compared to a plastic bottle - the carton minimizes the amount of air between all the cartons when stacked. When empty - the carton is easily folded or flattened, for example in a compactor, so it takes very little space and makes storing easier and more effective




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