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Our Marine Services

Wrist is the world’s leading ship and offshore supplier of marine provisions and stores – and the only ship chandler with a global network of supply operations, including handling of marine spares, owners’ goods, spare parts logistics and consolidated deliveries to vessels. Our logistics expertise is a core element of our competitive edge and provides us with the foundation to serve every vessel, platform, or military operation.

We have a global assortment of more than 2200 standardized items ensuring a uniform quality worldwide. We stock just about everything and deliver just about everywhere in the world.

In the following section, you can read about our range of services:

Global ship supply

Wrist is your one-stop-shop for all your stores and provisions, including bonded stores, cabin stores, and deck & engine stores. We provide vessels with anything from a specific brand of coffee to a vital ball bearing for the machine room.

While we stock a wide range of products, we can further arrange to stock special items if regularly requested.

Learn more about our General Ship Supply here  

Ocean freight forwarding

Wrist Marine Logistics provides a world-leading logistics service, which includes forwarding of your marine spares, door-to-deck deliveries, project cargo, hand carrier and more. We are specialized in global ship spares logistics, including forwarding by ocean freight, air freight, truck- and rail freight. We also offer consolidated deliveries, meaning we deliver your ship spares together with your provisions, resulting in lower costs and greener shipping.

Learn more about our Marine Logistics Services here

Storage of owners’ goods and ship spares

Wrist Marine Logistics offers an advanced logistics system for storage and forwarding of your ship spare parts. Our system combines all aspects of storage and transport, including collection, repair and re-delivery of ship spares at competitive prices worldwide.

We can source a range of spare parts, which can be coordinated to be delivered along with your provision. 

Learn more about our handling of owners’ goods here

Digital Solutions

Wrist is leading the digitalization agenda of the maritime supply industry. All year round, we offer 24/7 global online sourcing and marine logistics providing complete data transparency, tracking of your shipments, automation, and thus more convenience to customers.

Read more about our digital solutions here