The power of rail

Avoid extreme delays and sky-high freight rates

Due to COVID-19 and the Suez Canal blocking, the shipping industry is still challenged by container shortage, port congestions, extreme delays and skyrocketed freight rates.

As a remedy, we offer our customers rail transport using the Trans-Siberian railway, connecting Asia and Europe. There has been made many improvements to the railway, including increased train speeds, freight capacity, safety and stability.

Thus, rail transport is a cost effective and stable choice.

Rail transport between China and Europe

Rail transport is a quick freight option and cheaper than air freight, making it an effective, reliable and timely alternative. Transit time from Europe to China is 3-5 weeks by rail. Though an airplane is much faster, it is also significantly more expensive and does not offer the same overall capacity.

The benefits of rail transport are many:

• A time-efficient freight option
• A cost effective alternative to air freight
• Frequent and secure connections between China and Europe
• Door to door solution - rail main leg, pick up & delivery by truck
• An environmentally friendly option

An environmentally friendly option

Rail transport and waterborne transport have the lowest emissions per kilometer and unit transported. They are considered environmentally friendly modes of transport in contrast to especially road and aviation.

The European Commission’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, published in December 2020, aims for a 50% increase of rail freight transport by 2030 and a doubling by 2050. Moving towards more sustainable transport modes is expected to keep CO2 emissions significantly lower.

If you have questions

If you want to know more – or if you have questions about rail transportation, departure times, prices, transit time or something else, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time!
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