Customer statement

In the wake of COVID-19 and the Suez Canal blocking, the world still experiences container shortage, restrictions disrupting the air freight industry, etc.

The shipping industry is still challenged by port congestions leading to extreme delays and skyrocketed freight rates. In Wrist, we urge for close cooperation at an earlier stage to limit possible delays and price-raising freight.

Here is what we do to make a difference in a market under pressure: closer cooperation, long term planning and transparency.


Closer cooperation 

  • Schedules are changing all the time, so closer cooperation with the customer in the coming months is needed to get the deliveries on time
  • We recommend our customers to plan their supplies well in advance and to include us earlier in the process
  • We encourage the vessels to receive as high volumes as possible. High volumes reduce the number of deliveries and barges and high cost-savings can be obtained - one delivery is cheaper than three separate deliveries.

Long term planning

  • To reduce freight rates, we purchase competitive products in alternative markets. The purchasing of provision in local markets may be a cost-efficient alternative to the global market prices
  • We find alternative logistics solutions where possible. To avoid expensive sea and air freight rates, we use road and rail transport whenever it creates the most value to our customers
  • With our Main Storing Tool, customers can plan deliveries to minimize the number of deliveries to the vessel consolidating their provisions, stores and owners’ goods to reduce barge costs significant.


  • Purchasing is done where prices are most attractive and transparent.
  • In Wrist, we keep a price index to make sure that provision and stores are always purchased at the best possible rate without compromising on product quality.

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