Handling owners goods

Wrist offers an advanced logistics system for storage and forwarding of spare parts.

Our Ship Owners' Goods system combines all aspects of storage and transport, including collection, repair and re-delivery of ship spares at competitive prices worldwide.

We provide spares storage in our warehouses for delivery as and when required.

All of our warehouses are linked to a web based tracking system, allowing our customers to track incoming and outgoing items. Furthermore, we offer coordinated delivery, meaning spares can be delivered with provisions.

If you take advantage of the storage and transfer of owners' goods and spares system, you can apply for a password and user-name that gives instant transparency on stock in our dedicated "Owners Goods Warehouses".

All custom clearances and other paperwork can be implemented at a minimal cost to the owners. This service allows our customers to skip expensive intermediaries and reduce administrative costs.

If you would like to find out more, please contact sales in any Wrist branch.


Throughout our entire website you can access the Owners Goods Warehouse login via the padlock icon  at the top right corner.

You can also go to login here 


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