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Wrist Marine Logistics

Global logistics transport and warehouses near important ports

Wrist Marine Logistics is an experienced maritime freight and logistics company, specialized in ship spares logistics and provisions by truck, sea, air, rail, courier, or hand carriage. With 25+ employees, 30+ warehouse locations, and a global network comprising of more than 100 local agents, we offer an extensive set-up and local excellence.

Online customer portal with real-time data, easy tracking and 100% transparency

  • Automatic real-time tracking
    High level of digitalization and customer support, giving a live status on orders.
  • 100% transparency
    Follow the entire delivery process and your supplier's previous shipment history, delivery performance and more.  
  • Access to all available invoices
    Find relevant documents, such as order details for each of your vessels and shipments.
  • In-depth transport reports
    Keep track on all your orders based on transport mode, destination, departure city, shipments and more.

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Maritime Logistics Services

Our services include:
  • One global partner wheel. For all logistics services to ship owners and managers worldwideGlobal door-to-deck logistics; pick-up, transport and onboard delivery
  • Registration of purchase orders in our database and follow-up with suppliers
  • Online customer portal with 100% data transparency and tracking of your shipments
  • Pick-up to combination point or directly by local agent
  • Forwarding by all available transport modes, including economical intra-company trucking network in Europe
  • Temporary storage free of charge at all our hubs
  • Quotation/cost estimation on request prior to shipping
  • Integrations between ERP systems; examples, Sertica & K-fleet.
  • Landing of spares from the vessel
  • Transport Insurance - unique setup to the best rate in the market
  • Coordinated monthly transfer of spare parts from East to West
  • Option to negotiate warehouse insurance
  • Combining orders in convenient locations, minimizing no. of shipments and overall transportation cost
  • Full pre-alert of all cargo movements
  • Customs clearance at destination
  • Onboard delivery through own network bypassing charterer's agent. 
  • Handling of dangerous goods
  • Bonded warehouses

Handling of Owners' Goods - storage and forwarding of your ship spares

Wrist Marine Logistics offers an advanced logistics system for storage and forwarding of your ship spare parts. Our system combines all aspects of storage and transport, including collection, repair and re-delivery of ship spares at competitive prices worldwide. We deliver your ship spare as and when required. Due to our global footprint, we can also offer coordinated delivery, meaning your spares can be delivered together with provisions to your ships. Consolidated deliveries lower your costs and reduce carbon footprint.

Owners' Goods System

All of our warehouses are linked to an online tracking system, allowing our customers to track incoming and outgoing items. With this system, you get instant transparency on stock. You can also skip expensive intermediaries and let us handle all custom clearances and other paperwork. It can be implemented at a minimal cost to the owners, resulting in an overall reduction of your administrative costs.

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