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Job at Wrist

Our corporate expansion and success benefits employees by increasing job security and creating new opportunities for career growth.


Learn about the Wrist Graduate Programme here

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We strive towards continuous development and improvement and to achieve this we need to attract, develop and retain skilled and committed employees.

If you are ambitious and have the right skills, there are great opportunities for a career at Wrist.

We run a range of training programs focusing on sales and procurement. While trainees are employed locally by the Wrist branches, they are part of a world wide program that offers education and development, as well as global convenings for fellow graduates.

Please notice that some jobs are only announced by the local Wrist branch.

If you wish to apply unsolicited, please send an application electronically using the following address:




The two-year trainee programme with Wrist was definitely a "once in a lifetime experience" for me. The opportunity of working abroad, experiencing other cultures, as well as furthering my education and skill sets makes it a unique opportunity."